Records dating back as far as 200 B.C. and the Ming Dynasty tell of battles with cane and knife swinging natives of the Philippine Islands.  The Europeans first came in contact with the island people, in 1521, when Ferdinard  Megellan was fatally wounded in hand to hand battle with natives, who had only bare hands, fire hardened sticks, and knives, against the Spanish armor and Toledo steel.
      Much of the history of the fighting arts has been lost and long forgotten. What has survived has been colored by local heroes and ethnic beliefs. The true origins of these fighting arts may have been in the islands but most certainly they have been influenced by sailors, and explorers from Malaysia, Indonesia, and China.
      When the Spaniards eventually conquered the islands they forbid the practice
of all war arts.  The arts did not die out however for they survived in the guise of dance, plays, and games. The true meaning of these mentioned activities was taught behind closed doors and deep in the mountains and jungles.

   Sheldon Bedell  practiced , learned, and taught the Lagarejos System of Sikaran for over 40 combined years.  He was trained by Master George C. Chartier  of Ashland N. H. and  studied with the late Grand Master Lagarejos. In 2004, he left the Lagarejos System and began  teaching under the name White Leopard Sikaran.

Sheldon Bedell passed away on July 27, 2016.

White Leopard Sikaran continues its commitment and dedication to the Martial Arts under the direction of his son, Charley Bedell. We continue to maintain the highest standards of training, discipline, and integrity, while still maintaining the traditions of the Filipino Martial Arts.

White Leopard Sikaran classes are currently held at the Athol, MA Salvation Army (107 Ridge Ave)

Children and Youth Classes: Thursdays at 6:30 pm

Adult and Advanced Student Classes: Mondays at 5 pm

 Private lessons by appointment only (held at a separate location.)

Our main office is located at: 180 Main Street,  Athol, Ma 01331